For nature lovers, there is a multitude of places to visit

If you love the big outdoors and enjoy hiking in the wild, Reunion Island is the place for you. The Reunion National Park is home to the most amazing landscapes and spectacular views. The visitor never gets tired of watching such marvelous environment.

If you are a plant lover and enjoy the beauty of the green life, you shall not miss a visit to the Gardens of La Reunion. Start with the Botanical Gardens of Mascarin and follow with the Domaine du Grand Hazier. The Garden of Perfumes and Spices will enchant you and will guide you through a discovery of Reunion’s endemic species that form part of the unique flora of the Island.

A very popular family outing is the great Reunion Aquarium and its hundreds of different fish species typical of Reunion’s underwater world..



The Mascarin Botanical Conservatory

The Mascarin Botanical Conservatory in Saint-Leu invites you to discover the richness, diversity and fragility of La Réunion flora.

Plants endemic to Ile de la Réunion and found nowhere else in the world, international collection of coffee trees, tropical fruit trees, palm trees, varieties of cacti, orchids and ferns, Creole residence, alembic still, and more besides.



The Domaine du Grand Hazier

The Domaine du Grand Hazier in Sainte-Suzanne is part of the historical and cultural heritage of La Réunion. The large Creole house with its outbuildings, in the middle of an immense park with gardens, a Creole orchard, and the large drive leading to the Route Nationale, are listed in the Additional Inventory of Historic Monuments. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the property has been home to the Chassagne sugar estate, which is still in production. One of the descendants, Joseph, guides visitors along a journey through time to discover the estate: office, residence, century-old orchard – there are all sorts of endemic trees, fruit trees, palm trees, camphor trees, and gigantic bamboo.



The Garden of Perfumes and Spices

Discovery over 1500 species of scented, spice and medicinal plants, examples of fine cabinetwork, ornaments, and much more. Scented plants such as geraniums, vetiver and Ylang-Ylang, spices plants such as clove trees, cardamom and vanilla, ferns, orchids, palm trees, fruit trees, and much more besides… The Jardin des Parfums et des Epices is located in Mare Longue, on an 800-year-old lava flow in the midst of the forest



La Réunion Aquarium

La Réunion Aquarium has some 500 marine species to acquaint yourself with, including trevally, sharks, seahorses, lobsters and corals, making for a magical, fun-filled and educational visit. The marine and Réunion Nature shops have a wide range of items on sale for observation and discovery of the islands natural milieus (sea, volcanoes, forests and astronomy)



Cultural visits on Reunion Island

Are you interested by cultural discovery? Enjoy the visit of St Denis, the capital city, with the popular Rue de Paris and the equally famous Avenue de la Victoire…

You may continue towards the Villages Créoles in the Cirque of Salazie, through the itinerary of the Case Créoles and the Case Tonton de Hell-Bourg. Continue towards the Mare à Poule d’Eau in Salazie. You can end your tour at the Marine Cemetery in St Paul…

A visit to the sugar plant and rum distillery plant will help you to understand the cultural and industrial history of the island. There are also a few museums that will provide you with interesting cultural insights.

Some popular family destinations that are well worth a visit are the Roulof Vanilla Plantation as well as the guava picking property known locally as la Cueillette de Goyavier …