Ski Dubai

Discover the ultimate indoor snow resort at Ski Dubai! With an amazing mountain themed wintery setting, enjoy skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, or just playing in the snow. Plus you can now meet and play with Ski Dubai’s newest residents – the Snow Penguins!

Ifly Dubai

Defy gravity with skill, style and courage at iFLY Dubai! iFLY Dubai is an indoor skydiving center giving you the opportunity to live the most exciting flight experience that everyone must try!

Fine dining experiences

A fine-dining experience is not just about the culinary experience, it is also about exquisite décor, stunning views and unforgettable moments. And Dubai is dotted with fine restaurants that cater to all palates.

Sea Wings

This Sea Plane ride offers an aerial excursion over Dubai. Flying from Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa as well as the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, with fantastic views over Dubai.

Hot air ballooning

One of the best ways to see Dubai is to take a 60-minute hot air balloon ride as you watch the sun peep from behind the Hajjar mountains.



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